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Camiguin Natural Attractions

Katibawasan Falls
A 5 kms. southeast of Mambajao center. Waterfalls which measures 250 feet high cascades to a rock poll surrounded by ground orchids, wild ferns, trees and boulders. Its cold water provides an ideal summer splash to bathers and picnickers.
Available transport: rented vans.

Tuasan Falls
A 6 kms. northwest of Catarman. The trek to the 25 meter high rapid waterfalls entails a very scenic hike passing thru the quaint Barrio Mainit. The falls can be tapped as a mini hydro source of power.
Available transport: rented vans.

Sto. Niño Cold Spring
A 4 kms. north uphill of Catarman proper. With a pool measuring 25m x 40m is ½ deep cold spring water sprouting from the sandy bottom. The area has native stores, picnic huts, cook out facilities and restroom for picnickers.
Available transport: Jeepneys and rented vans.

Tangub Hot Spring
12 kms. west of Mambajao. A volcanic hot spring by the sea. Water temperatures turn to cold, hot and lukewarm as tide changes to high, low and medium, respectively. Diving is good to about 10-20 M gradual drop off; it is an ideal place for scuba diving.
Available transport: Jeepneys and rented vans.

Mt. Hibok-Hibok
Entry is through the base of Barangay Esperanza in Mambajao. It is the only active volcano among the seven others in island; the 1,250 meters slope is a challenge even to the season climbers as the trek entails skillful maneuvers in loose rocks and boulders. A crater lake and stream serve as outlets in many places at the peak and a clear view of the entire island and Bohol beyond can be seen on clear days.

Old Vulcan
A 13 kms. west of Mambajao with a strip drop off that goes 7080 M. Rich corals abound the place. It is the newest landmark for “PANAAD” (a Holy Week activity) and trekking. Fourteen (14) stations of the cross have been installed along the walkway, where each stop commands panoramic view of the sea. The last station is the sepulcher that is carved out of the volcanic rock.
Available transport: Jeepneys and rented vans.

White Island
A 2 kms. across Agoho and Yumbing. An uninhabited small white sand bar with picturesque Mt. Hibok Hibok and Old Vulcan as its backdrop; The island is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and shell collecting. A rest haven for fishermen along the northern part of Camiguin.
Available transport: rented pump boats.

Mantigue Island
A 3 kms. off shore from Barangay Hubangon and San Roque in Mahinog. The island has 4 hectares of evergreen forest fringed with white sandy beach. A fishing village and seaweed culture is found in the north side. One side of the beach is shallow with few corals while the opposite side is a deep drop off for snorkeling and diving. Mantigue Island is about 12 nautical miles from Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort for its captivating white sand and clear waters, it is ideal for beach goers and divers as well. The majestic walls and overhead coral formations are home to small tropical fishes, pelagic fishes, marine turtles and stingrays which are abundant in this mushroom-like island.

Cabu-an Beach
Located at the right side of the old pier at Mambajao. It is the nearest beach in Mambajao proper. Unique corals are found 75-100 M from the shore. Site of the annual “San Juan Hibok Hibokan”.

Agohoy Beach
7 kms. from Barangay Agoho, Mambajao. One of the favorite sandy beaches of the island. Native cottages, multi purpose building and motorized pump boats are available for visitor; likewise it has a good camping area for Mt. Hibok Hibok mountaineers.
Available transport: Jeepneys and rented vans.

Cabuan Point
Located between Guinsiliban & Benoni ports of Camiguin Island lays a colorful reef recently discovered by Alibuag Dive Tours exploratory team. Displaying gigantic brightly colored sea fans, branching corals, flashy colored tropical fishes, angels fishes with elaborate designs. Cattle fish and parrot fish are common in Cabuan. The pleasant light current offers the divers a free ride making the visit relaxing and fun. Cabuan is accessible by shore entry or by 25 min. boat ride from Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort. Visibility in the area varies from 40 ft. to 120 ft. this area is ideal for serious U/W photographers and beginners as well.

Burias Shoal
Slightly smaller than Jigdup, Burias is among the favorite spots for high adventure seeking divers. A breezy 30 min. speedboat from Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort will haul thrill-seeking divers to the shoal to see schools of jacks, tuna, mackerels and barracudas. A lush black coral covered bottom is also one of its treasures. Diving here can be tricky because the current can be strong, however the little effort spent fining against such current will be worth the excitement.

Jigdup Shoal
Lying approximately 2 nautical miles from the shore of Balbagon, Camiguin Island the sea bed rises forming a shoal about 10 has. in size. Hosting a variety of aquatic life it is one of the best dive spots in Camiguin Island. Teeming with fishes of all kinds and sizes and having excellent visibility, it is good for underwater photographers and novice divers as well. It will take only 50 min. by boat from Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort.

Old Volcano
(diving spot) A unique underwater lave formation is the main attraction in this area that rises from the depths of more than 80 ft. from the bottom forming a series of pinnacles. The coral covered molten rocks are surrounded with tropical fishes such as altheas, clown fishes, damsels, and the like. Huge jacks and Napoleon wrasses occasionally patrol these areas on search of food.

Sunken Cemetery
Lying 20 feet underwater in front of barrio Bonbon, Camiguin Island lies the Sunken Cemetery, the remains of the past volcano eruption. Coral encrusted tombstones can still be explored by snorkelers and scuba divers.

Ancestral Homecoming

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Camiguin Island Resorts

1. Patsada Cottages
2. The Treehouse Camiguin
3. Caves Dive Resort
4. Catarman Coral Resort
5. Secret Cove Beach Resort
6. Villa Paraiso Resort
7. Camiguin Roof Top Hotel
8. Camiguin Highland Resort

More Camiguin Resorts...

Source : www.Tourism.Gov.Ph

Travel Quotes:

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The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. Saint Augustine

Philippines Cuisine Characteristics

The traditional way of eating is with the hands, especially dry dishes such as inihaw or prito. The diner will take a bite of the main dish, then eat rice pressed together with his fingers.

This practice, known as kamayan, is rarely seen in urbanized areas. However, Filipinos tend to feel the spirit of kamayan when eating amidst nature during out of town trips, beach vacations, and town fiestas.

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