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The region p roduces most of the country's rice supply, earning itself the nickname "Rice Granary of the Philippines"

Pampanga, Islands Philippines - Pampanga Province " The Culinary Center Of The Philippines"

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Pampanga Historical Tourist Attractions

Juan D. Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan Studies (Angeles City)
Houses a research center, museum gallery, and theatre that provide access to materials on Kapampangan culture and history.

Old Pamintuan Residence (Angeles City)
Venue of the first and only celebration of the First Anniversary of Philippine Independence. Also served as the seat of the short-lived Philippine republic.

Holy Rosary Parish Church (Angeles City)
Constructed from 1877 to 1896 by the townspeople of Angeles, including not only the landed families but the small farmers and tenants. It was used as a military hospital by the US Army from 1899 to 1900.

Founder’s House (Angeles City)
Located along Sto. Rosario Street in the old section of Angeles is the oldest structure and best-preserved ancestral house in the city. The house was built in 1824 by Don Angel using materials salvaged from his older house built in 1811.

Deposito (Angeles City)
Located along Sto. Rosario Street, it was built sometime in the 1800s to serve as the depository of costly silver-gilt floats that were used the town’s several religious processions.

Bale Herencia (Angeles City)
Located at the corner of Lakandula and Sto. Rosario Streets, it was built in 1860 by carpenters coming from Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Camalig (Angeles City)
A restored grain storehouse nestled between the two oldest houses in Angeles along Sto. Rosario Street. Built in 1840 by Don Ciriaco de Miranda, the first gobernadorcillo of Angeles.

Nepomuceno Ancestral House (Angeles City)
Located along Sto. Rosario Street, it was the home of Don Ciriaco de Miranda. Built in 1840, it was inherited in 1868 by Don Ciriaco’s niece, Dona Agustina Henson de Nepomuceno.

Museo ning Angeles (Angeles City)
A center for the rich cultural history of Angeles City. Periodically features exhibits on the history, culture, and tradition of Angeles City and its people.

Betis Church (Guagua, Pampanga)
One of the oldest churches in Pampanga, built in 1754. The whole structure centers on the classic altar surrounded by religious frescoes. In front of the church is the famous Betis Artesian Well, the oldest well in the province.

Ivory Image of St. Peter’s Shrine (Apalit, Pampanga)
Called “Apung Iru” by the townspeople and venerated the whole year round. In 1844 the image had been transferred to its shrine in Capalangan.

Archdiocesian Museum and Archives (City of San Fernando)
Houses antiques and exquisite works of art depicting Pampanga’s rich cultural heritage.

St. Peter’s Parochial Church (Apalit, Pampanga)
Built between 1629 and 1630, it is located at the town plaza. Its ceiling and dome are filled with beautiful paintings.

San Luis Gonzaga (San Luis, Pampanga)
Its façade can compare immeasurably with existing Spanish-style church edifices and architectural design.

Kamikaze East Airfield
Site from where the first Japanese Kamikaze pilots took off for their last mission as human bombs in October 1944.

Marcos Santos Residence
Served as the headquarters of Japanese Kamikaze pilots during the World War II.


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Common dishes

Popular catches include tilapia, catfish (hito), milkfish (bangus), grouper (lapu-lapu), shrimp (hipon), prawns (sugpo), mackerel (galunggong, hasa-hasa), swordfish, oysters (talaba), mussels (tahong), clams (halaan and tulya), large and small crabs (alimango and alimasag respectively), game fish, sablefish, tuna, cod, blue marlin, and squid/cuttlefish (both called pusit).

More details at Common dishes

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