Region 5 (Bicol Region) : (Filipino: Kabikulan; Spanish: Bicolandia)

Located in the southernmost tip of Luzon Island, the largest island in the Philippines.

Masbate City, Islands Philippines

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Rodeo Filipino, Limestone Hills, Catandayangan Falls, Aroroy Beach, Bat-Ongan Caves, Underwater Caves

Masbate Naural Tourist Attactions

Matangtubig Spring (Monreal)
A unique spring with three sources. The spring comes out of a rock. Tree and lush vegetation give shade in the area around the spring.

Catandayagan Falls (Tical Island)
One of the most beautiful falls in the province. It cascades from 60 feet to its base where multi-colored fishes cavort. It is one hour by motorboat from the capital.

Talisay Beach
Famous for the rocks which serve as a natural diving board for swimmers. Located 13 kilometers southwest of San Fernando in Ticao Island. Smooth, shiny pebbles of various sizes abound.

Kalanay Falls (Nabingig, Palanas)
Located in Brgy. Nabingig, it is famous for its theatrical structure. A family haven for horseback riding and exotic entertainment by the Barangay folks.

Mata Cave (Aroroy, Masbate)

Bat-ongan Caves (Mandaon, Masbate)
Perfect for daring and adventurous visitors. It is approximately 10 kilometers from the subterranean river to Mandaon town.

Sombreno Island (San Pascual)
Hot-shaped island with stretches of white sand beaches.

Cagpating Island (Monreal, Masbate)
Noted for its crystal-clear waters and beautiful pebbles on one side and a deep rocky side that provides a panoramic view of Masbate Island.

Veagan Island, Magcaraget Hamorawan & Daquit-Daquit Island (Dimasalang, Masbate)
The getaway to the exotic Naro Bay. Ideal for Island hopping, scuba diving, wind surfing, and noted for its beautiful beaches.

Tinalisay Island
Located in Burias Island, this enchanting place is ideal for sunbathing and swimming. spacer spacer Aroroy Beach Fast becoming an attraction among the excursionists. Its unspoiled natural beauty is the dominating feature.

Mataba-Tinigban to Napayaun Island (Aroroy, Masbate)
A five-kilometer stretch of glittering white sands. At Napayauan Island, the surrounding water is full of marine life. It is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Cambatang and Cangcayat Beaches (Aroroy, Masbate)
Famous for white sands and crystal-clear waters.

Ki-albay Rive and Beach (Claveria, Masbate)
This beach extends east-southeast from the town proper with an approximate length of one and a half kilometers of sandy and well-polished pebbles ending on Ki-albay River, a place believed to have been inhabited first by people from Albay.

San Isidro (Claveria, Masbate)
Beach located in Brgy. San Isidro extending south to east from the barangay proper with an approximate and aggregate length of four kilometers. Its fine and silvery white sand can easily accommodate over a thousand people. The bottom of the sea is clear and sandy extending some one hundred meters from the shoreline with a gradual depth of 5 to 7 feet during high tide. Extending further from the shoreline are beautiful and colorful coral reefs which are inhabited by a wide variety of fishes. The beach is lined with coconut trees.

Putting Island (Claveria, Masbate)
Famous for its wide and white sands polanged with crystal clear water. spacer spacer Alta Vista Falls (San Fernando, Ticao Island) One of the most unique falls in the country. It is a zigzag cascade from 45 feet to its base where multi-colored fishes cavort. spacer spacer Cadulou Beach Famous for swimming and sunbathing. Perfect for its serenity, the undisturbed crystal-clear water, and the friendly people of the barangay.


Travel Quotes:

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. T. S. Eliot

It is better to travel well than to arrive. Buddha

Common dishes

As with most Asian countries, the staple food in the Philippines is rice. It is most often steamed and served during meals.

Leftover rice is often fried with garlic to make sinangag, which is usually served at breakfast together with a fried egg and cured meat or sausages.

More details at Common dishes





  Central  Philippines


  Region V - Bicol


  404,770 Has.




  HOUSEHOLD :   128,860
  POPULATION :   653,852 (1995) Census


  9.16% (1990-1995)


  DIALECT :   Masbaneto, Cebuano, 
        Hiligaynon and Bicolano


  Type II and III


  Copra, Aquamarine,
        Cattle and Gold

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Masbate Rodeo Filipino, Limestone Hills, Masbate Catandayangan Falls, Masbate Aroroy Beach, Masbate Bat-Ongan Caves, Masbate Underwater Caves

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